Paper circuits are fun, but not very robust. Electronic kits are useful, but theyre pretty expensive. Cardboard circuits hit the sweet spot! Learn how to create low-cost materials that students can use to explore basic electronics, integrate into projects, and use with micro controllers such as Micro:bit, Makey Makey, Arduino, and others. Participants will receive a basic set of materials before the session in the mail. Session is limited to 20 people.
New to Moodle? No problem. With just a little guidance you can set up a course that looks and feels like home. This session will show you how to add files, activities, resources, and more to a fresh Moodle course provided for you to work on within the MountainMoot Moodle. You can also work within your own course in your own Moodle if you wish, even if it looks different than ours! You will still be able to complete all of the tasks in this session.
Whether you are teaching remotely or at a distance by choice, or have been provided the opportunity to do so by global pandemics, many of the tried and true strategies that work in face-to-face classrooms often bring different results online. Join Jason and Mike for a fast-paced and frank discussion about learning science and developing brain-driven materials for the digital classroom. You will walk away with strategies you can introduce in your very next teaching opportunity.
Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool that allows students to create, share and reflect on their learning. This session will teach you the basics of Seesaw, and discuss its uses both in the classroom and outside of the classroom (during distance learning or for connecting with families). The beginning of this session will focus on Seesaw basics, then go into more depth on using and creating Seesaw activities.
Through this workshop attendees will explore all things Quiz. From discussing the purpose of testing to creating meaningful evaluations using Moodle Quiz, participants will be challenged to evaluate bigger picture behind assessment. Through a facilitator lead brainstorming session, participants will collaborate to develop and share ways online tools, such a quiz, can be used to assess student competency and to form meaningful connections with learners and their learning needs, resulting in improved education practice and outcomes.