Flipgrid is a free short video tool that will take your online engagement to the next level. Learn how to easily use this tool to engage and empower every voice in your classroom.

In this session, we'll cover the 3 winning strategies to learn efficiently based on research and what we and our teachers observed in the classrooms where Wooclap and Wooflash is used. Wooclap is an interactive platform used by more than 300,000 teachers to boost classes through the use of smartphones. The platform is built on the latest cognitive science discoveries and studies of different pedagogical practices in order to maximise information retention and enhance the impact of learning in a face-to-face course. Of course, we do have Moodle Plugins available to connect our tools to Moodle!
Moodle is extremely flexible in the way that you can use it meaning that we can often spend more time administering it than developing content for it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just upload a user and everything else was automated? This presentation will showcase how you can automate all your processes from dynamically adding users to cohorts, enrolling users based on profile fields and how using these can reduce your admin burden. This session will explore several 3rd party plugins to make Moodle work for you!
Imagine the first days on the job for a new employee in your organization*. There’s paperwork, of course, a whirlwind of introductions, and the training. Your new, energetic employee is now faced with hours in isolation clicking through screens, watching videos, and taking multiple-choice tests that may only slightly reflect the reality of the job. Sadly, your experienced crew doesn’t fare much better as ’teach and test’ training has become the norm. In this session we’ll explore alternatives to this standard operating procedure with activities that add realism for new hires while creating authentic learning experiences for more seasoned staff; collaborative problem-solving and content generation; and calls to recognize and challenge each other (with minimal risk of snoring!).
*Not in the workplace? Ideas from this session can easily be adapted to other organizations as well!
You are comfortable with your content, can teach it in person like a pro, and know your way around Moodle - but how comfortable are you with your online teaching skills? Join us for a discussion on best practices for teaching online and leave with practical ideas to implement in your online courses.
If you have ever used subtitles when watching that great youtube video during a slow Football game, tabbed through a form, or made text bigger in a browser when it is too small to read you have used an accessibility feature.

As a learning community, we want to be inclusive and support all learners and staff, however often we dont quite succeed due to lack of awareness and understanding and resources.

This session is for those interested in understanding accessibility and where and how to start to improve their Moodle courses.