Screen recording is one of the tools that every teacher should have in their toolbox. Great for easy step by step instruction, paper review, feedback or even quick slide presentations. Loom is a great new tool that has opened up their platform for educational use for free. Even if you are not in education, using this simple easy to use yet powerful tool will expand your tool-chest and save you hours of time. Get up and running with this tool and hear tips and tricks to get the most out of your screen-recordings.

This session is for primary (K-3) educators looking for new strategies for using digital tools with their young learners. Learn about apps and websites created just for littles and HOW to use them for hands-on, student centered learning in the primary classroom. Participants will discuss meaningful media use and appropriate screen time for littles while learning more about amazing digital learning tools available for young children for traditional and distance learning.
In this session, learn how a locally implemented educational technology solution supported by a state-led team of educational experts can help your school identify and target learning gaps in math and help students become critical readers and effective writers no matter what your fall classroom looks like. EdReady Montana is a free state-wide program that is being used by educators from upper elementary and secondary to higher education to meet the unique teaching and learning needs of this particularly challenging year. Gain access to resources, discuss your needs and learn how this program could fit into your school.
We are going to share about how we took the newest flavor of Moodle - Moodle Workplace - and threw some unique problems from the construction industry at it. We will see how we built some new tools around Workplace and implemented this at Dick Anderson Construction to solve a lot of issues with training compliance and make tracking our training much easier for the company.

This session may or may note also contain lots of dry humor and sill anecdotes.
Extend your learning ecosystem through the endless integration options available with Moodle. This session will provide an overview of the integrations available to enable the exchange of data between Moodle and many other systems including ERP, SIS, and eCommerce solutions to name a few. Moodle integrations allow for real-time updates to users, courses, and enrollments into Moodle as well as post-back integrations for grades and attendance. Integration methodologies ranging from flat-file to xAPI will also be reviewed as part of the robust customization capabilities that are the hallmark of the Moodle platform.
Moodle Gradebook is a very powerful and very flexible grade management tool. Because it is so powerful and flexible, it sometimes feels confusing and frustrating. Don’t worry - that’s normal. Attend this session to learn the ropes and make gradebook your default destination for grades, feedback, and progress tracking. Based on direct experience training literally hundreds of educators, this session can make gradebook work for your course whether you use percentages, points, letters, or something entirely different.