In this session, you will gain insights into Urkund’s seamless integration within Moodle to encourage originality, detect non-authentic writing, while supporting your institution’s academic integrity initiatives.  Learn what plagiarism prevention tools “actually” detect and how the introduction of machine learning and artificial intelligence can assist with the authenticity of the learner's written work.  With 20 years at the forefront of promoting academic integrity and institutional effectiveness, Urkund now serves over 5,700 institutions in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Breakout EDU is the immersive learning games platform - an escape room in a box! In this case, the box and locks are virtual... and that means even more opportunity to hilight the 4Cs. Join Ann from the Breakout EDU Games Team as she guides you through an interactive digital game to demonstrate how you can use the same concept with learners in your own virtual (or eventually real-life) classroom.
It can be challenging to create a blended learning environment where students will thrive. Balancing online platforms for building skills with creative tasks using technology can feel like a juggling act! Learn about techniques for keeping the teacher at the forefront of effective instruction while managing the demands of technology and blended learning in K-3 classrooms.

In this session, teachers will,
Learn about best practices in blended learning for K-3 students, including how to plan for and manage a blended learning environment at school and from a distance
Compare and Contrast skill based platforms such as Prodigy, Kahn Academy, Freckle, Moby Max and more
Learn about using digital tools to create unique learning experiences for young learners that foster creativity and self-reflection
How is quality maintained in online learning? Join Mike Agostinelli, Montana Digital Academy's Instructional Program director, as he demonstrates MTDA's recruitment and onboarding process for online teachers, supervision and evaluation process, and surveying and feedback strategies with all online learning stakeholders to ensure quality for student learners.
Learners in many online or hybrid courses struggle to understand what is expected of them, when, what they have already completed, and how far they have to go. Moodle has a built-in feature to help students understand and plan their workload. When Activity completion is set-up properly, it can be a benefit for both learners and instructors. In this interactive session we’ll cover basic set-up and best practices, look at some plugins that can extend activity completion, and touch on how course progression, digital badging, and competency-based education fit into the mix.
One size does not fit all! After a global company had two failed attempts at using different LMS systems, they decided to thoroughly analyze what would be the best fit for them. As the LMS SME on the project for a large international retailer, I helped them define and fine-tune their business and technical requirements, found LMS platforms that aligned with the business & technical needs, went through an RFP process and then an onsite demo of the platforms that made the cut. Then compared the finalists to see what LMS platforms would be asked to participate in the Proof of Concept phase. Come see how the project was defined and implemented based on the company’s needs & requirements. Moreover, come see which platforms were the winners and why!
This session contains three 15-minute lightning sessions that will take place all in a row. Join us for quick bites of what's going on in the Moodle frontier!

1: Making more out of your front page, Andy Braden, Blackboard OpenLMS - Moodle has a single landing page which is great and all, but does not offer a lot of clear ways to differentiate information for different needs/purposes/audiences. There are tools and tricks in the front page that allow for rich complex designs and information display that parallel what we normally think of for web sites and web design.
In this short session I will walk through some tips and tools that you might have overlooked when thinking about how to make the front page a real site home.

2: Can higher ed and workforce training co-exist?, Charlie Wellenstein, University of Montana CCFWD - Transitions in higher education move slowly while the outside world speeds along. This session traces the movement of the University of Montana's Center for Children, Families, and Workforce Development to match the pace of online training and education in the workplace. Topics include:
a. Why is there a gap in online instruction between higher ed and needs of the workplace?
b. Lessons learned in the development of a flexible and effective online learning education and training program.
c. Examples of what has worked well
d. The gaps and needs that still exist

3:Quality Matters Certification of a Business Analytics Course: Online, Asynchronous, and Using Moodle, Rick Jerz, Lecturer of Business Analytics at The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa