Let's dive into the Moodle gamification plugins and have a look at what's possible to drive learner engagement and motivation. We'll go through some of the principles of gamification, introduce a handful of plugins, and explain how you can use them.
From generating content and designing activities to answering questions and providing feedback, the list of things to do when teaching online can start to feel pretty overwhelming! If you’re like most, there are at least a few things that make your online teaching job tougher than it needs to be. In this session we’ll discuss processes that can be streamlined, tasks that can be eliminated, and activities that can be improved for your benefit and that of your learners. In exchange, you’ll be in a better position to give your learners the best of what you have to offer and enhance the learning experience overall. It’s a win-win for everyone!
Do you find the Previous and Next navigation options in the H5P Course Presentation boring, but don't know how to change it? Step outside the standard linear presentation and create custom navigation for interactive worked examples in H5P.
Imagine you're a training director for a large retail organization with almost 90 locations. Your stores are hiring every day. All those new people need to be registered in Moodle and enrolled into multiple course groups. New hires can't always access their email to confirm their registration. So managers sent requests in to corporate, who confirmed the accounts manually. Then the store manager would give an enrollment key to the new user and they would enroll themselves. This was all very time consuming.

But now it's different. Using built-in Moodle tools and little creativity we built a solution that automated all of this. The users register themselves, and are enrolled into multiple courses automatically - including group membership! No corporate or management intervention is needed. Want to learn how we did this? Join and you too can take your hands off of Moodle.
Newsletters, apps, text messages and phone calls, oh my! There are so many useful ways to stay in touch with families but it can be overwhelming for both teachers and parents if there isn’t a plan in place to do it! Effective communication between homes and schools can be essential in helping students experience success in the classroom. Learn about digital tools for communication and how to develop a clear communication plan to help parents and teachers stay connected.

In this session, teachers will,
Compare and Contrast tools for parent communication such as Seesaw, Remind, Bloomz, Class Dojo and more
Learn about and develop a school-home communication plan that supports student learning and keeps parents connected to the classroom

eThink Education helped TechTrep build a tailored multitenant Moodle Workplace platform that allows them to share their comprehensive catalogue of STEM, CTE and entrepreneurship courses with multiple audiences. TechTrep’s unique LMS implementation provides individual school districts with a separate, branded tenant in Moodle Workplace, while special permission attributes allow homeschoolers and prospects to easily access specific courses in a separate tenant. Join this session to explore how the multitenant functionality in Moodle Workplace has supported TechTrep’s mission of providing STEM courses to students across the country by streamlining processes and accommodating the different use cases of their audiences while providing the appropriate level of access to each.