As educators experiment more with digital resources, there is an increased need to consider reading skill as an important indicator of success in using digital resources. While video makes up a large channel of content, the web is still a reading-driven medium. Join Jason as he discusses reading in digitally-enhanced classrooms, including a review of research, challenges for students reading digitally, and some student-friendly best practices for teaching good reading strategy with digital sources.
Do you need to differentiate for your students? Do you have students with different needs? Students with an IEP or 504 plan? Just want to provide the best options possible for ALL students? Learn some tips on setting up your course and providing options for students. Learn to use choice restriction, audio/visual options, completion status, restrictions and more. Learn some real tips and tricks to make your course even better.
The quiz activity is one of the most powerful activities in Moodle. It can be used for so many things. When you want a truly random quiz where not all students get the same questions in the same order, using question banks to create pools of questions to choose from is sometimes daunting. This presentation will cover question bank types (site, category, course, activity) and tips to create new banks and assign the questions to the banks you want.

This could be a brief 50 minute presentation or interactive or a half day, hands on seminar.
How do you build a company culture with remote workers? How do you avoid failure when it comes to your virtual team? Are you aware of the differences when it comes to virtual teams vs. traditional in-person teams? How can you set up your virtual team for success? Virtual teams are on the rise and if you already have one, you know they come with their own set of benefits and challenges.
In this presentation, we're going to take a look at some of the common issues that arise with a virtual team and we'll also review the best practices of highly successful virtual teams, along with knowing the common issues to avoid that arise within virtual teams. You'll walk away from this session with new strategies and tips to better manage a location-diverse team.
This presentation will look at the survey responses from both students and teachers after having to respond to the changes in the teaching-learning environment spawned by the COVID Pandemic. A survey instrument was developed to identify support gaps and concerns moving from the classroom to Moodle ISU. Find out what we learned from our student and faculty stakeholders.
Over the past few months, eThink has witnessed an impressive range of strategies being implemented by our clients to support faculty and students during the quick transition to remote instruction necessitated by COVID-19. Among them, Simpson College has leveraged the power of their Moodle site to position themselves successfully during the transition to fully online learning and for the continued uncertainty surrounding the upcoming academic year. To support faculty and learners during this transition, they created just-in-time resources for the face-to-face to online transition and used Moodle reporting for retention initiatives. To position themselves for continued success moving forward, they have developed a unique opportunity for faculty to develop their Moodle skills and plan to use Moodle for syndromic surveillance when everyone returns to campus. In this presentation you'll learn how pandemic-related challenges were met, what was learned, and how Moodle has been positioned as a tool to support the campus now and in the future.