"Instructor Immediacy in Online Courses, Measuring Engagement, and Impact within the eLearning Environment" Presented by EVP of IntelliBoard Dr. Tonya Riney

Worried about the Fall? Good! That’s the first step to being prepared for whatever 2020 throws at you. This session is about how to anticipate learner struggles and take proactive steps to mitigate them both in and out of the classroom. While there is no magic bullet, this session, (based on three weeklong sessions with working teachers in June 2020) will share assignment styles and strategies that can help your distance teaching happen more seamlessly than you might have ever imagined.
Every Moodle developer knows something about using Git for version control. But did you know Git is also an incredibly powerful tool for Moodle admins? If you want to speed up deployments and upgrades, support a test/staging/production pipeline, and easily manage your site and plugin versions, then you need Git! This interactive workshop is intended for admins who manage or are curious about managing Moodle servers will provide a gentle introduction to using Git on the command line and via Github.
Co-Presenter: Justin Mason, Director of E-Learning, University of Montana Western.
This presentation will showcase a leadership course which awards digital badges within the Moodle learning management system for different levels of leadership. The theoretical grounding is based on the concept of a nested model which charts the individual, team, and organizational leadership skills of students. It is a collaborative, value-model in which the individual, team, and organizational levels are codependent. Digital badges, in the context of these leadership skills, are used to operationalize the three nested leadership levels. The individual level provides a foundation for building personal leadership skills through a strengths-finder assessment and analysis. The team level focuses on developing collaborative leadership capacity when working closely with others as exemplified by an exercise that asks teams of students to undertake a virtual climb of Mount Everest. The third level of analysis highlights the organizational process in relation to how NASA handled the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion. Overall, the presentation will show the learning objectives and practicality of this approach to use Moodle in the context of digital badges.

I'll share some simple tips that you can do to give your Moodle course some personality, interactivity, and creativity that is both fun for you and your students. See a real academic course that I developed that utilizes the concepts that will be talked about.